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The Hartinger Award

The James V. Hartinger Award

Honoring Outstanding Achievement in Military Space Since 1984

Left: Gen James V. Hartinger
United States Air Force Space Command

1984: Gen James V. Hartinger
1985: MG Carl N. Beer
1986: Lt Gen Bruce K. Brown
1987: Lt Gen James A. Abrahamson
1988: The Hon Edward C. Aldridge, Jr.
1989: Gen John J. Piotrowski
1990: Gen Donald J. Kutyna
1991: Gen Colin L. Powell
1992: Lt Gen Thomas S. Moorman, Jr.
1993: Gen Merrill A. McPeak
1994: Gen Charles A. Horner
1995: MG Roger G. DeKok
1996: Gen Joseph W. Ashy
1997: The Hon Jeffrey K. Harris
1998: Gen Howell M. Estes III
1999: The Hon Sheila E. Widnall
2000: Gen Richard B. Myers
2001: The Hon Keith R. Hall
2002: Gen Ralph E. “Ed” Eberhart
2003: The Hon Peter B. Teets
2004: Gen Lance W. Lord
2005: Gen T. Michael Moseley
2006: The Hon Michael W. Wynne
2007: Lt Gen Michael A. Hamel
2008: Lt Gen William L. Shelton
2009: Gen C. Robert Kehler
2010: MG G. Wesley Clark
2011: Gen Kevin Chilton
2012: Gen Bruce Carlson
2013: CMSgt Charles P. Zimkas, Jr.
2014: Lt Gen Susan J. Helms
2015: Gen John E. Hyten
2016: Gen Ellen M. Pawlikowski
2017: Gen John W. “Jay” Raymond
2018: Gen David H. Goldfein
2019: Mr. Andrew D. Cox
2020: Lt Gen John F. Thompson
2021: Gen David “DT” Thompson
2022: Lt Gen Stephen N. Whiting
2023: Gen James H. Dickinson

Click to download a PDF of bios of all Hartinger Award recipients:

The General James V. Hartinger Award is named for the first Commander of the United States Air Force Space Command. Since 1984, Rocky Mountain NDIA has presented the award annually to an individual from the military services, other government agencies, or industry in recognition of outstanding achievement in the military space mission of the United States.

The list of recipients at left represents distinguished officers and civilians who have dedicated long careers of service and sacrifice to our national defense in space. Their accomplishments are milestones in the storied history of America’s defense in the space domain. The benefits of their achievements are enjoyed by freedom-loving people worldwide on a daily basis.

This award commemorative is a pure silver medallion depicting the globe with orbiting satellites and a space vehicle representing our nation’s involvement in space. On the reverse side is the National Defense Industrial Association crest identifying the Rocky Mountain Chapter as the sponsoring organization. A plaque, exhibiting both sides of the medallion and identifying award recipients, is on permanent display at Headquarters Air Force Space Command.

This prestigious award is presented at the annual Rocky Mountain Ball, a gala celebration hosted by Rocky Mountain NDIA. The gala is traditionally held in Colorado Springs in August. Click below to see more details and registration links for the upcoming Ball.

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Doubletree Hotel, COS | 16 Aug 24 | 1800-2200

The 2024 Hartinger Award Goes To:

Lt Gen
John E. Shaw

US Space Force (ret)

Lieutenant General (USSF retired) John E. Shaw, former Deputy Commander, United States Space Command (USSPACECOM), is the recipient of the 2024 General James V. Hartinger Award for exceptional leadership, inspiring vision, and outstanding contributions to the United States space enterprise.

A 1990 United States Air Force Academy graduate, Gen Shaw’s command and senior assignments included Commander, 4th Space Operations Squadron; Commander, 50th Space Group; Commander, 21st Space Wing; Deputy Commander, Air Force Space Command, Commander, Combined Force Space Component Command and 14th Air Force; and Deputy Commander, USSPACECOM.

As Deputy Commander, General Shaw led the development of the USSPACECOM’s first-ever Secretary of Defense-approved Operational Plan for defending the space Area of Responsibility (AOR) in a time of crisis or conflict. The combatant command’s first operational plan focused on providing integrated, critical space capabilities to the warfighter. This effort was highlighted by the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy as the most integrated plan he had ever seen. General Shaw orchestrated the first-ever global Campaign Plan for Space. This innovative plan supported the National Defense Strategy’s integrated deterrence concepts transforming the Department of Defense space enterprise from “theater focused” to a “global perspective.”

General Shaw’s efforts influenced national leadership perspectives by highlighting underlying capability gaps as well as identifying enterprise level requirements to drive Services’ space capability development.

General Shaw advanced the Joint Force’s all-domain mindset by introducing the “Third Space Age” concept. With his concept sparking military and industry innovation, General Shaw charted the foundation for developing next-generation Dynamic Space Operations (DSO) capabilities.

General Shaw organized and led the Space Command Technical Analysis Group (STAG) to provide independent analyses and assessments for the commander’s highest priorities.

Throughout his tenure, these deep-dive studies spanned high interest focus areas to include Beyond Geosynchronous Orbit (xGEO) priorities; Space Domain Awareness Stressing Cases; Stratospheric Platforms; and the utility of space-based refueling platforms. General Shaw’s future warfighting concepts were instrumental shaping combatant command requirements to fight and win in a contested, degraded, and operationally limited environment. His collaborative approach and inspiring vision were key to leveraging allies, inter-agency partners, civil agencies, commercial industry, and academia capabilities.

General Shaw’s professionalism, attitude, and performance epitomize characteristics of this prestigious award. Join us in congratulating Lieutenant General John E. Shaw, recipient of the 2024 General James V. Hartinger Award.

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