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2024 Rocky Mountain Ball: Rules, Policies, & Procedures

Sponsorships, Table, Individual Seat and VIP Seat Sales

The purpose of these rules, policy and procedures is to document an equitable and transparent process for all those wishing to participate in the annual NDIA Rocky Mountain Ball by purchasing tables, individual seats, sponsorships, and VIP seats. The document also defines the terms used and documents policy impacting the treatment of specific groups of individuals attending the Ball.

The Chairperson of the Rocky Mountain Ball Committee is responsible for implementation of these rules, policies, and procedures. In cases where the Ball Committee cannot resolve an issue involving these rules, policies, or procedures; the President, NDIA Rocky Mountain Chapter, will provide the final determination.


Rocky Mountain Chapter Member: An NDIA Member identified by NDIA National as affiliated with the Rocky Mountain Chapter and reflected on the Chapter’s member list.

National Corporate Member: Any NDIA National member company doing business in the region served by the Rocky Mountain Chapter.

Corporate Table: A table at the Ball purchased by an NDIA company or individual and seating ten individuals.

VIP Tables: Specific tables in a specific area of the ballroom identified by the Ball Committee to seat VIP attendees.

VIP Seats: Seats located in the VIP Seating Area of the Ball.

Individual Seats: Seats located at specific Ball tables identified by the Committee as Individual Seat tables.


Corporate Tables

Corporate Tables may be purchased by NDIA Corporate members or NDIA individual members. The NDIA corporate purchaser doesn’t need to be a major presence in the Rocky Mountain Chapter area but needs to have a local presence in the Rocky Mountain Chapter Area.

Individuals purchasing Corporate Tables must be affiliated with the NDIA Rocky Mountain Chapter.

A company may purchase multiple Corporate Tables.

By policy, unless specified otherwise by a sponsorship, each Corporate Table will give back at least four seats to the Ball Committee at which the Committee will seat government guests.

Some sponsorships: Patriot, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, allow the purchaser to waive the seat give-back requirement at their discretion.

The Ball Committee will seat government guests at each Corporate Table using their best judgement as to compatibility of the guests with the corporate table hosts. In placing guests, the Ball Committee will consider whether potential conflicts of interest could arise with the host- company or individual. By policy, the Ball Committee with not seat government guests at a Corporate Table should the Committee believe there is a potential for a conflict of interest.

Corporate Tables will be placed in the Ballroom at the discretion of the Ball Committee. By policy, the Committee will use the following criteria in determining where in the Ballroom a specific Corporate Table is placed: sponsorships purchased, number of tables purchased, etc.

VIP Tables and VIP Seats

The Ball Committee will establish the VIP Table Area by designating specific tables in the ballroom as VIP Tables. The number of tables designated is variable and depends on how many individuals are anticipated to be sitting in the VIP Table Area.

The Ball Committee will seat the following individuals at VIP Tables

• General officer guests and their spouse/guest

• Hartinger Award current recipient with his/her spouse/guest

• Current NDIA RMC President and his/her spouse/guest

• Senior NDIA National representatives and their spouses/guests

• Prior Hartinger Award recipients and their spouses/guests

• Corporate representatives who have purchased VIP Seats and their spouse/guest

• Other individuals on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Ball Committee

By policy, the Ball Committee will invite spouses of deceased prior Hartinger Award recipients to attend the Ball with their current spouse or guest. Should the invitation be accepted, the spouse of the deceased prior Hartinger Award recipient and their current spouse/guest will be seated in the VIP Table Area.

A corporation must purchase at least one Corporate Table to be eligible to purchase up to two VIP Seats. Purchase of the Corporate Table can be through sponsorship or outright sales. If the company has purchased a sponsorship that includes two VIP Seats, the company may not purchase additional VIP Seats.

Corporate VIP seats are intended for the sole use of the designated corporate VIP and his/her spouse/guest (not another member of the company). If there are extenuating circumstances preventing the company from following this policy, please contact the Co-chairs of the Ball Committee to discuss.

Individual members of NDIA may not purchase VIP Seats.

Seating of individuals at VIP Tables, who have purchased VIP Seats, is at the discretion of the Ball Committee. By policy, the Ball Committee with not seat corporate VIP guests at a VIP Table should the Ball Committee believe there is a potential for a conflict of interest.

Individual Seats

Any National or Chapter Member of NDIA may purchase up to two Individual Seats. Purchasers of Individual Seats may not purchase VIP seats.

Purchasers of Individual Seats will, at the discretion of the Ball Committee, be seated at an Individual Seat Table in the Ballroom that may, or may not, have government guests.


The Ball Committee Chairperson will determine the date that sales of sponsorships, Corporate Tables and Individual Seat will commence. The Ball Committee will send an email notice to all eligible members at that time sales commence.

Rocky Mountain

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