AFSPC Space Futures Planning Meeting – 3/5/19

The NDIA National Space Committee, in partnership with the NDIA Rocky Mountain Chapter, is hosting an NDIA Brown Bag event on HQ AFSPC’s Space Futures with Dr. Joel Mozer, AFSPC Chief Scientist.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM MST

Patriot Park VII Conference Room
565 Space Center Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80916

The last day to RSVP is Monday, 4 March. We hope to see you there!
This is a free event.

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This event is a precursor to provide an industry perspective for the AFSPC Space Futures Workshop. The workshop will focus on Space issues in the 2060 timeframe.


Desired attendees should have the expertise to help define possible space focused strategic future scenarios (40 years out-2060 timeframe). Future states will encompass political, economic, human (social, demographics, intellectual capital, etc.), technological, legal, and climate factors. Potential future states should contain enough fidelity to understand future gaps, disconnects, and the potential for strategic surprise.



In an ever-changing world, the U.S. must remain vigilant and transform to continue protecting space-based national security and commercial enterprises. Current and potential adversaries recognize space dominance will provide significant political, economic, and military advantages. As a result, adversaries have developed and are executing long-term, integrated strategies and plans to ensure space dominance. The U.S. must be able to plan for the future and be strategically agile in conceptualizing future capability needs and leveraging game-changing technologies, prototyping, and experimentation.



– Space Logistics and Infrastructure (base stations, propellant depots; satellite servicing, refueling/ “Maneuver without Regret”, repairs, upgrades, manufacturing)
– Lunar resources & logistics (HE3, titanium, H2O, silicates, solar power, regolith-based construction, mass transport, etc.)
– Domain Sustainment (Space Traffic Management, debris removal, and mitigation)
– Exploitation of novel orbits & Lagrange points (e.g., space habitats at L4, L5, COMM, PNT, SDA, depot storage, etc.)
– New or enhanced markets/services from space (e.g., space-based solar power, space tourism, space production, commercial intelligence)
– Asteroid-based resources (iron, Rare Earth metals, H2O, silicates)



1300-1310: Welcome/Admin NDIA: Russ Anarde
1310-1340: Discussion Overview: Dr. Mozer
– Define the range of possible futures in 40 years (foresight) to inform further work on gaps, disconnects, and strategic surprise potential for the space domain.
1340-1510: Breakout sessions (by specific topics listed above)
1510-1600: Topic Out Briefs


OUTPUT: NDIA will prepare a product for AFSPC’s review following the Brown Bag event. It will provide a listing of industry participants, a summary of discussions based on the topic out briefs, and a suggested way forward.


Russ Anarde ( 719.393.8123
Tom Walker ( 719.960.5555
Kevin Mortensen ( 719.232.2531


The Brown Bag will be conducted at the unclassified level. Please indicate if you have a specific breakout session (primary and alternate) you would like to participate. This will help ensure we have a robust group of experts for each topic.

The last day to RSVP is Monday, 4 March. We hope to see you there!